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Scientifically designed & ergonomically crafted XAMAX swivel cushion, allows individuals to rotate 360 degrees while sitting which helps the user to get in and out of the car easily.

It can be placed on any car seat, home or office seat. It ensures smooth and easy transfer from sitting to standing position & vice versa.

XAMAX swivel cushion measures 15 inches in diameter and holds up to 300 pounds. Its non-skid base works well on any seat.


  • Cervical Pain
  • Back Ache, Hip & Knee Sprain
  • Old age or any Disability

  • 360 Rotation
  • Non Skid Cushion
  • Adjusts on any seat
  • Portable & light weight

    Place the XAMAX Swivel Cushion directly on the surface of the seat and its ready to use.

    " I used to have constant pain in my lower back and in my hip joints. The pain was so severe, it used to take me around 8-10 minutes every time to get up from my office chair. This continued for several months. I took analgesics and few physiotherapy sessions but even they didn’t help much. My Doctor then advised me to use a Backrest especially in office and while driving. In desperation, I didn’t give it much of a thought and bought XAMAX Executive Backrest. It’s been almost 2 months now and since then I have Xamax backrest installed in my car as well as on my office chair. I never thought that a product that can be bought over the counter would work so great. I have to say I am pain free for hours. ".

    Aarti Gupta
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