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XAMAX Backrest regular has a unique design with extra wings at the sides for support & is an ideal product for regular office chairs.


  • Makes Every Seat Ergonomic
  • Scientific Design
  • Long Lasting Resilience
  • Adjustable Belt with D-hooks
  • Washable Cover
  • Available in 4 sizes : S / M / L / XL

    XAMAX Backrest is available in 5 models. Appropriate model should be chosen according to the place of usage. “Executive Plus” is suitable for short back office seats,“Executive” is suitable for executive seats & car seats, “S ‘n’ B” for sofa seat & bed, “Mini” for dining chairs & garden chairs, & “Regular” is suitable for general use. Model “Regular” is available in 4 sizes. The size of “Regular” model should be chosen according to the height of the user. Thumb rule is : more the height, smaller the size.


    Place the backrest on the seat and tie the backrest with help of the adjustable belt and its ready to use.

    " I used to have constant pain in my lower back and in my hip joints. The pain was so severe, it used to take me around 8-10 minutes every time to get up from my office chair. This continued for several months. I took analgesics and few physiotherapy sessions but even they didn’t help much. My Doctor then advised me to use a Backrest especially in office and while driving. In desperation, I didn’t give it much of a thought and bought XAMAX Executive Backrest. It’s been almost 2 months now and since then I have Xamax backrest installed in my car as well as on my office chair. I never thought that a product that can be bought over the counter would work so great. I have to say I am pain free for hours. ".

    Aarti Gupta
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