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Most office seats have unergonomic seat backs which force an individual to sit in wrong posture. This puts more pressure on the back and causes backache. Every office goer is at risk, more so the executives, computer professionals & BPO employees.


  • Specially made for Short Back Seat
  • Gives extra cushion on the seat for     additional seating comfort
  • Makes Every Seat Ergonomic
  • Makes Every Seat Ergonomic
  • Long Lasting Resilience
  • Adjustable Belt with D-hooks
  • Washable Cover
  • Universal size

    XAMAX Backrest is available in 5 models. Appropriate model should be chosen according to the place of usage. “Executive Plus” is suitable for short back office seats,“Executive” is suitable for executive seats & car seats, “S ‘n’ B” for sofa seat & bed, “Mini” for dining chairs & garden chairs, & “Regular” is suitable for general use. Model “Regular” is available in 4 sizes. The size of “Regular” model should be chosen according to the height of the user.


    Place the backrest on the seat and tie the backrest with help of the adjustable belt and its ready to use.

    " I used to have constant pain in my lower back and in my hip joints. The pain was so severe, it used to take me around 8-10 minutes every time to get up from my office chair. This continued for several months. I took analgesics and few physiotherapy sessions but even they didn’t help much. My Doctor then advised me to use a Backrest especially in office and while driving. In desperation, I didn’t give it much of a thought and bought XAMAX Executive Backrest. It’s been almost 2 months now and since then I have Xamax backrest installed in my car as well as on my office chair. I never thought that a product that can be bought over the counter would work so great. I have to say I am pain free for hours. ".

    Aarti Gupta
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